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List Of Foods not good for Dogs

Learn what type of food or drinks your Dog can’t digest

Dogs love to watch what you are eating and it is hard for owners to ignore those innocent eyes. It is seen often that dog owners share their meals and food with their pets without even thinking that feeding human food might harm their dogs.

List of food which are not good for dogs

We have complied a list of a few foods which are not good for your dog.  While the effects of these foods may vary per breed, generally speaking all the foods mentioned here can be harmful to some extent to all dogs. The foods mentioned here may not show immediate effect but if given regularly, these food may cause problems for your dog.

1) SugaR:

High sugar content food is dangerous for your dog.   It can cause obesity and skin diseases like eczema in dogs, so it is advised to avoid sugar mixed foods or milk.

2) Avocado:

This may be good for the human body but the avocado is a  harmful fruit for your pet.  It contains “persin” substance which is toxic and if your dog eats avocados in large amount he could become sick.. If you have a avocado tree in your garden keep your dog away from eating the seeds and leaves of avocado plant, as they too contain persin.

3) Alcohol:

Alcohol in any form, be it  beer, wine or whisky is very dangerous for your dog.   Even a little amount of alcohol can put your dog in danger, Alcohol attacks your dogs digestive system and may cause liver damage. In the event your dog has consumed alcohol mistakenly he may exhibit signs such as difficulty in walking or breathing or he may begin vomiting.  If you suspect your dog has ingested alcohol contact your nearest veterinary clinic immediately.

4) Onions, Garlic and Chives:

Avoid the regular use of garlic, onions and chives in food for your dog. This often leads to gastrointestinal issues and destroys red blood cells which can cause anemia in dogs.

5) Caffeinated Drinks and Food:

Caffeine can cause poisoning in dogs so keep your dog away from caffeinated drinks and food.  Coffee, tea, beans, grounds, coca cakes, coco cookies, carbonated sodas and pure caffeinated drinks are rich sources of caffeine.

6) Grapes, Raisins, Nuts:

These might be good for humans, but grapes, raisins and nuts are harmful for dogs if eaten in large amounts.  High intake of these items may cause kidney failure in dogs.

7) Raw Egg, Meat or Fish:

Avoid giving raw meat or unprocessed meat and products straight from farm or super store. The raw meat, eggs and fish can have bacteria like E-coli which can cause food poisoning to your dog.

8) Food Prepared With Yeast:

Owners often give bakery products and breads to dogs but  these foods can cause swelling in dog’s stomach. Additionally fermented yeast dough also produces toxic alcohol.

9) Persimmons,Plums,Peaches & Macadamia Nuts:

Persimmons seeds can cause inflammation in the small intestines of dog and plums and peach’s seed contains  amygdalin, a form of cyanide (in small amounts).  Peach and apricots have amygdalin in potentially harmful amounts.

10) Chocolate Bars:

Chocolate contains toxic agents and high sugar, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

11) Dinner Left overs:

Your dinner scraps, while awfully tasty for your pup, can spoil if left out develop and harmful bacteria which could make your dog sick.

12) Pure milk And Dairy Products

Regular use of pure full fat milk and pure milk products can cause obesity in your dog and rich intake of pure milk will lead to vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.   Dog owners are advised to avoid pure milk products like cheese.

13) Bacon

Yes! This is one of favorite human food of dogs, but this is not good for your pet. Bacon is rich in fats and regular intake of bacon can cause pancreatitis which can damage the pancreas.

14) Fat Trimmed Meat and Bones

Be careful while giving fat trimmed from meat and bones to dogs.  Trimmed fat meat can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Bones can lodge in or damage your dogs trachea.

In the next blog we’ll be covering some good human foods you can give to your dog. Stay tuned!

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