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Dog Day Care in Las Vegas


At American Canine Training and Dog Boarding we like to say: A TIRED DOG IS A GOOD DOG!Las Vegas dog boarding daycare

While you’re gone all day your dog is probably sleeping and when you get home ready to crash, he’s raring to go!  Day care lets your canine buddy spend the day with his buddies too!  Instead of staying home locked in a crate all day, or getting into destructive mischief out of boredom or stress, dogs get to play, socialize and exercise. When you pick him up on your way home, you’ll both be ready for a good nights rest!



Rapidly becoming one of our most popular programs, the unique and wonderful play school program may be just what you need. 

Drop your dog off for a standard day care session and ask us to add a training package.  We’ll teach your pup all the basic commands or just reinforce the ones he’s weak on and you’ll be set!  We’ll fill you in on what we covered when you pick up at the end of your day.

Las Vegas dog boarding daycare




Daycare & Play School Registration

    In the event that I become unable to attend an event I have signed up for, I shall endeavor to provide twenty four hours notice as I realize there are other people who would like to attend and that space is limited.

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