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Teach Your Dog To “Wave”

How To Teach Your Dog To Wave or “hi five”.


Step One:

Get your dog sit on your command .

Step Two:

Teach your dog to ‘touch”.  When the dog is sitting, hold a treat over the ear opposite the leg you want to lift. ie. While facing the dog hold a treat over his right ear to pick up his left paw. That takes the weight of the leg you want and makes it easier for the dog to offer you his paw. If he does not readily pick up his paw, tickle the hair behind the “knee” until he does. Don’t grab at his leg…many dogs don’t like having their feet touched, so be sure he picks the paw up on his own and then just let it rest on your hand with your palm up and your fingers pointing towards the floor. When the dog consistently touch’s your palm add any command you want like, “say hello”, or “touch”, or “gimmie five”.

Step Three:

When the dog is consistently putting his paw in your hand on command, leave your palm flat and open and start to raise your hand a little so he has to reach up to touch your palm. Then turn your hand so your fingers are upward as in ‘High five”. When he consistently reaches to touch your palm add any command you want to use.

Step Four:

Hold your hand high enough for the dog to have to stretch, but not so high that he’ll jump or break the sit. Gradually add distance between your hand and his paw until you’re just standing in front and he picks up his paw and waves. Add the verbal command wave or what ever word you want to use.



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