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in home dog training



American Canine Training offers personalized In Home Dog Training  for you and your dog.  Our primary training method is positive reinforcement combined with common sense and discipline.  We use food to TEACH and then fade it out as soon as we know the dog knows what we want.  Everything you teach with food, you’ll learn to get without food.

Lesson One lasts about an hour and a half and covers how to communicate effectively with your dog, why dogs don’t do what we want and how to fix it and how to get your dog to respond to his name each and every time you use it.  Learn to  get results without repeating commands and eliminate all unwanted behaviors like jumping, digging, barking and anything else your pup may be doing that you don’t want.

All subsequent lessons cover the stationary commands sit, down, place, leave it, take it, give, come when called and how to walk properly on leash so your dog can get the exercise it needs to be a balanced member of your family.

Take as many or as few lessons as you feel you and your dog need – there’s no need to purchase an expensive package with lessons you may never use.


private dog training


Proof your in-home training with private lessons in the real world.  Work in fun locations like parks, home improvement stores, and farmers markets.  Truly test the skills you and your dog have been working on with unique distractions.

Make your dog a truly good companion when you’re out in public!