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heading Out of town? send your dog on vacation too!

If you have to get on the road, send your canine  buddy on a vacation of his own.  Our unique in-home dog boarding setup allows your dog daily access to play outside and meet new and compatible playmates.  He and his pals can run and play to their hearts content in our almost quarter acre, fully fenced yard. Licensed and insured since 2001, feel confident that our experienced canine first aid and CPR certified staff will treat your baby like their own.

Bring your dog for a tour of our facility and then drop him off for a free day care session.  After those two fun visits, your dog will drag you up the walk when its time for his overnight stay!


if you’ve never boarded with us before, here is a list of some things you’ll need to bring with you:
  • Your dogs regular food.   Changing a dogs diet suddenly can lead to tummy upset!  Be sure to pack enough food for his entire stay but if you get delayed and he runs out we’ll be happy to pick up what he needs.
  • His favorite treats. As with regular food, treats your dog is not used to can upset his tummy but feel free to bring his favorite snacks and we’ll be happy to give them to him.
  • Shot records.  Please provide current vaccination records.
  • Safe chewies.  Its a great idea to bring safe chew toys or compressed rawhide for your doggies down time.  Regular rawhide can sometimes not get digested so we don’t use that but rawhide clearly marked “compressed” is fine.  We will also give him a “kong” if you supply one with kong stuffing or a nylabone type chew.
  • Medication.  Please be sure to bring any meds your dog is taking clearly labeled and with detailed dosing instructions.  We do not administer shots.
  • Pill pockets or whatever your dog takes his meds in.


Here’s a list of what you won’t need:
  • Toys. We have an ample supply of toys for dogs to share during supervised socialization and because the toys are OURS the dogs are less inclined to feel possessive of them.
  • Bedding.  We have tons of bedding!
  • Food bowls. We got em!
  • Crates. Got those too!