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Our “Dog Boarding School” or “in kennel” program lets you have the complete freedom of an “away from home” education for your dog. What separates us from the rest is that our program takes place in an actual home so your dog learns how to behave in an environment like the one he lives in.  Choose the time frame best suited to your personal needs, perhaps while you are on vacation or just super busy, and drop off your baby. We’ll do the training and bring you up to speed when you return.

Our board and train programs run for varying lengths and address any number of canine issues.  They are tailored to fit your specific dog and his specific needs.  With such complete personalization, be assured that you’ll end up with the dog of your dreams.




Our Dog playschool is just a daily version of board and train.  Drop your pup off for a day of daycare and add a training session.  When you pick up, we’ll show you what we showed him.  We’ll teach or brush up his basic obedience or improve his leash walking skills.  While he’s not in lessons, he’ll be playing with his doggie buddies so that by the time you pick him up he’ll have had a full day and you can both go home and rest!




heading Out of town? send your dog on vacation too!

If you have to get on the road, send your canine  buddy on a vacation of his own.  Our unique in-home dog boarding setup allows your dog daily access to play outside and meet new and compatible playmates.  He and his pals can run and play to their hearts content in our almost quarter acre, fully fenced yard. Licensed and insured since 2001, feel confident that our experienced canine first aid and CPR certified staff will treat your baby like their own.

Bring your dog for a tour of our facility and then drop him off for a free day care session.  After those two fun visits, your dog will drag you up the walk when its time for his overnight stay!