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Dog Training Services

Welcome to American Canine Training and Dog Boarding in Las Vegas, Nevada,  where we focus on creating a harmonious relationship between canine and human family members.

Dog Obedience training

Train your dog with Nevada’s best dog trainers either at your home or at one of our group locations in Summerlin Henderson.  Start with in home lessons, which feature less distraction for you and your pup and move into group lessons once you’re both feeling confident.  We also offer private lessons in the real world which proof all the important points learned in home.

canine Obedience Through agility

Boosting your dogs obedience is so important but lets face it, sometimes training can be a chore for you and your dog.  Try our “not so basic” basic obedience classes that incorporate agility to help your dog learn the meaning of commands.  American Canine Training is one of the best Dog Obedience and Agility Training companies in Las Vegas, Nevada and by combining them we have made learning fun for both dog and handler. With over fifteen years of service in the valley we handled thousands of dogs and  success is guaranteed. Contact us now for more information and learn how to make your good dog an AKC Canine Good Citizen. Our Summerlin and Henderson group and private classes prepare you both to take and pass the test that publicly says your dog is a good canine member of society!

Group Dog Training Classes

Private in home training fast tracks making your pup a good and well mannered member of your family at home but American Canine Training offers affordable weekly group dog training classes and workshops so that you can venture out too!  Group lessons offer the opportunity for you and your dog to socialize and to really test your training with distractions.

Therapy Dog Training

American Canine Training offers therapy dog training too. Among other things, Therapy dogs offer comfort and companionship to those who may be shut in, are hospitalized, or may be residents of senior homes. Start your dog or puppy off on the right foot towards this rewarding journey by  teaching  the ins and outs of how to behave in various therapy dog settings.

Service Dog Training

Make your Dog  A Wonder Dog! Ask us about how a service or guide dog can make life easier for the physically challenged. Give us a call or ask about service dog training classes available in the valley.

Dog Boarding

If you are looking for Dog Boarding in Nevada, American Canine Training and Boarding is top in the Las Vegas, Henderson area. Our unique, licensed and insured boarding setup offers an “in-home” environment that’s nothing like a kennel!  We have many options available for puppy stays and adult dogs.  If you’re heading out of town, why not send your pup on vacation too.  We’ll love them like our own!

Dog Day Care and Dog Sitter

If you’ve got a long day planned why not bring your pup for doggie daycare!  He or she will get to spend the day playing with his puppy buddies instead of tearing up your house, getting into mischief, or torturing your neighbors with annoying barking! We’re experienced, reliable, licensed and insured!  Call today at 702 501-0404!